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How a Weather Forecast Helps Your Business



Do you know an accurate and detailed weather forecast helps your business and takes you ahead of your top competitors?

A weather widget doesn’t only help people but also can be a game changer for your weather-impacted businesses and organizations.


This is what I’m going to share in this blog today. If you read it to the end attentively, you’ll get many proven points of a weather forecast that significantly boost sales for your weather-impacted business.

So, let’s get in.

Weather forecast helps your business grow

Helps you go ahead of your top competitors

Currently, there are more than 1.13 billion websites on the internet worldwide, according to Netcraft. According to Siteefy, approximately 252,000 new websites are created every day. So, amid this extreme competition, you should be careful about even small elements that can help you win this severe competition. In this case, a tiny weather widget on your website can add additional value for your customers and help you go ahead.

Enables your customers to make timely plans and grows sales

Let’s say you have a theme park, and you have added a 5-day 3-hourly weather forecast to your park website. What will happen? It will help your site visitors see the upcoming weather conditions for next 120 hours to plan a holiday at your park at the right time based on their favorite weather and purchase tickets immediately.

Let me illustrate it. Suppose it’s Wednesday. Mr. X is considering visiting your amusement park with his family next weekend. He wants to purchase tickets from the park website. So, he is browsing the website. However, he thinks before he purchases tickets, he should check the weather for next Saturday to ensure the safety and comfort of his family in the park. He finds a 5-day 3-hourly forecast right on the sidebar or elsewhere on your website. He watches there is heavy rain the next Saturday morning (8 am-11 am) but a clear sky in the afternoon and evening. So, he plans to arrive at your park in the afternoon and purchase tickets instantly.

Your customer, Mr. X, is so happy to see the weather right on your website and plan timely without going anywhere else. So, he buys tickets immediately.

However, if there was no weather widget on your park site, you might lose that customer and many more like him.

If he went to another website or device to check the weather, he would find a typical daily forecast showing a rainy icon for the next entire Saturday and cancel his plan.

Even if he watched a detailed hourly forecast, there was a very poor possibility that Mr. X would return to your website. The statistic shows that only 20% of visitors return to a website after leaving it.

However, this is not only for amusement complexes and theme parks websites but also for guide booking websites and any other outdoor activities and events business websites.

Improves visuals

A beautiful weather widget doesn’t show only weather updates but also improves your website aesthetics. The beautiful layout, templates, weather condition-based image and video background, animated icons, and overall design of a weather widget make your website more gorgeous and attractive.

Enhances interaction

A detailed weather widget interacts with your visitors in many ways. Most importantly, additional weather data and forecast data sliders with animated icons interact with your website visitors very closely. Plus, a user can switch between °C and °F to see the current temperature. Moreover, a weather widget lets users switch between daily and hourly forecasts.

Better user experience

Placing your weather forecast on your site perfectly can enhance the user experience by providing additional necessary weather information. Users can get weather updates seamlessly in no time and move forward for checking out. It saves visitors’ time, provides necessary information, and helps users plan properly.

Establishes Brand Loyalty

When customers see you care for their additional requirements and offer a complete solution, they trust and rely on your business more. Consequently, it helps build your brand loyalty. Weather forecasts on your weather-dependent business websites do the same thing. It shows the weather data your customers need to check before purchasing.

Helps search engine ranking

When visitors spend time checking the weather updates with the weather widget on your website, it increases your website’s dwell time, which is an important ranking factor. As a result, your website ranks higher on the search engine result pages and receives more traffic. The more traffic you get, the more sales you generate.

Reduces bounce rate

Customers need to check the weather before purchasing from weather-impacted product and service business websites. If they find a weather forecast right on your website, they don’t have to go to another website to check the weather. They can check the weather on your website seamlessly. As a result, the bounce rate of your site decreases.

Increases engagement and conversion

Proper additional features of your website attract more visitors and increase user engagement. When an additional feature means an accurate weather forecast, it largely grows your site conversion rate and boosts your sales. For instance, you have a real estate project in a location with impressive air quality and weather conditions. If you show a weather widget displaying a yearly weather overview of the area, it can be a game changer to impress your customers and increase your conversion rate.

Finally, a detailed and accurate weather forecast on your weather-impacted product and service websites can take your business experience to another level.

Very good points. But how to add an accurate weather forecast on my business site?

It’s simple. Location Weather, the best WordPress weather plugin, helps you add a beautiful and accurate weather forecast to your website in minutes with NO code.

So, utilize the power of weather for your business today.

I hope this blog helped you learn how a weather forecast helps your business. Are you still unsure if your business needs a weather forecast? Do you have any questions about the weather and your business? Let’s discuss it in the comment box below.