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Which Businesses and Organizations Need Weather Forecasts



In essence, weather forecasts can enhance the user experience, beauty, and user engagement of almost any website. However, some businesses and organizations need weather forecasts on their websites to boost sales and improve services.

For instance, you run an international hotel booking website. A customer planning summer holidays in the UK would want to check the weather of different cities in the UK before booking hotels. They’d like to know about upcoming weather to avoid any unpleasant surprises such as continuous rain, heat waves, and extreme weather events during their trip.

Not only hotel booking websites but many more businesses need weather widgets for their sales growth.

Besides businesses, government and non-government organizations concerned with weather, safety, environment, and agriculture use detailed weather forecasts to inform people about upcoming weather.

In this blog, I’ll discuss the organizations and businesses that need to add weather forecasts for better service and business growth

So, continue reading and see if your business or organization is on this list. 

Businesses and organizations need weather forecasts

Hotel & resorts

hotel and resorts

A beautiful weather widget on your hotel, resort, and guide booking website helps visitors make reservations instantly without opening a separate weather application. If a visitor leaves your website to check weather forecasts, you almost lose a customer. Because, on average, only 20% of visitors return to a website after leaving it. 

Real estate 

real estate

We all love living in a city with good weather. So, before buying a plot, your customers check many pros and cons of the location, including weather conditions like average air quality, temperature, humidity, etc. In that case, a weather widget on your real estate website attracts more customers and helps them make purchasing decisions. Plus, a weather forecast helps them make timely plans to visit the lands and properties in person. As a result, you get more customers right on your premises to impress them and grow sales.  

Agriculture & farming


Agriculture is widely dependent on weather. Adding weather forecasts to agricultural organizations can inform farmers about upcoming weather and help plan their activities. Besides that, commercial fruit and vegetable farms that offer customers to pick in spots should add weather widgets to attract more customers during the good periods of weather.  

Sports & Events organizers  

sports and events organizers businesses need weather forecasts

The organizers of all outdoor events and sports, especially hiking, surfing, skiing, rafting, snowkiting, paragliding, skydiving, and so on, need weather forecasts on their websites to show good weather updates and attract more participants.   

Transport & Tourism 

weather forecast for transport and tourism businesses

Home and international transportation and visa agencies need to use the weather widget to let travelers get real-time information about the weather conditions at their destination. Travelers are more likely to book trips if they know that the weather is going to be good. A weather widget can help travelers plan their tours and other activities properly, which can lead to increased sales for your transport and tourism business. 

News & media 

weather on news sites

A detailed weather widget on your news and media websites provides weather updates for your visitors. In that case, a weather widget that would automatically detect a visitor’s location and display the weather updates accordingly is a perfect choice. You can set this automation in a single click. 

Theme Parks  

weather forecasts for theme parks

Commercial entertainment complexes like amusement parks and picnic spots should display weather widgets on their websites. People need to check the weather before the plan and confirm tickets online. Weather widgets can help amusement parks and complexes boost sales and grow their businesses. 

Safety, environment, and weather organizations  

safety,  and weather organizations

Government and non-government safety and environment organizations can display detailed weather forecasts on their websites to keep their citizens informed about weather conditions for their safety and a better environment. 

Weather-relevant products and services

weather products and services

Weather-relevant services like cleaning snow from roofs and premises, landscaping, snow plowing, shoveling, de-icing, planting, HVAC, etc., and weather-relevant products like summer and winter clothes, Electric Blankets, umbrellas, raincoats, rain boots, firewood, heating fuel, and so on need weather widgets on their websites to help customers and grow sales. 

The list of businesses and organizations need weather forecasts could be longer with educational institutes, immigration, hajj organizations and agencies, and many other organizations and businesses, as the weather impacts people’s demands, plans, preferences, and lives in many ways. 

So, adding weather forecasts to your business websites can be a game changer for your business growth.

Okay, got your points.

But how to source accurate weather data and display them? Should I hire a professional web developer to do it?

Not at all. You can do it in minutes with zero coding knowledge. 

The easiest way to add weather forecasts

Several free and paid WordPress weather plugins are available to help you add weather forecasts to your website without hiring a developer. Among them, the highest-rated and best weather plugin is Location Weather. With a free Open Weather API key and a few clicks, it lets you create beautiful, detailed weather forecasts for any location worldwide in minutes without coding.

So, unleash the power of weather for your business now. 

Now, please let us know what your business or organization is. Have you found your business or organization in the list of the businesses and organizations need weather forecasts? Let’s discuss more businesses and organizations or any questions in the comment box.