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Which is the Best WordPress Weather Plugin 



Are you looking for the best WordPress weather plugin? 

Accurate, detailed, and perfectly designed weather forecasts significantly grow the sales of your weather-impacted businesses and improve the services of many government and non-government organizations concerned with weather, safety, environment, health, agriculture, and more.

Needless to say, you need the best weather plugin to create the best weather forecast for the most output. 

In this blog, I’ll tell you which is the best weather forecast plugin for WordPress and why. 

By the way, is it your plugin? Are you going to talk about your product?

Not only I but also real users say that Location Weather is the best WordPress weather plugin. Let’s see some reviews from real users. 

Recent Reviews for the Best WordPress weather plugin

Before you dive into my words, let me show you some recent reviews by real users from, the official WordPress plugin repository.

Recent reviews for Location Weather, the best weather plugin.

Reviews for the best WordPress weather plugin

Weather Atlas Widget has also 10,000+ active installations. But see the recent reviews for it

weather atlas

Most Features

Location Weather offers you the most features to create accurate and detailed weather forecasts that are more aesthetic and interactive. 

4 layouts and 17 templates

weather layouts and templates

In Location Weather, you find four layouts: vertical, horizontal, tabs, and table. In addition, it offers you 17 responsive templates for a quick start. Moreover, you get 10+ additional weather data layouts. So, you can create versatile weather forecast widgets in minutes with no code. View Demo

Convenient ways to pick a location  

location setting

You can pick any location Worldwide with

  • City name
  • City ID
  • ZIP Code
  • Coordinates (lat/lon)

In addition, it allows you to show weather forecasts for the locations from your custom fields. Moreover, it lets you hide or replace the original location name with your business name or whatever you like. 

Auto visitors’ location detection 

Suppose you want to design a weather forecast for a news channel or organization concerned with weather, safety, environment, health, agriculture, etc. In that case, you must create a weather forecast that shows weather updates for visitors’ respective locations instead of a specific location. 

In Location Weather, you can do it by enabling the Display Weather For Visitors Location (Auto Detect) option with a single click. 

Most weather measurement unit options

Celsius is mostly used as a unit for temperature, but some still use Fahrenheit. So, you need to use your visitors’ preferred weather data units based on their local conventions. For that, Location Weather offers you the most weather measurement options. 

weather measurement options of the best WordPress weather plugin
  • Celsius (°C)
  • Fahrenheit (°F)
  • Both (°C & °F) and Auto
  • Degree Symbol (°) only
  • Precipitation Units in mm/inch
  • 7 Air Pressure Units
  • 4 Wind Speed Units
  • Visibility in Kilometers/Miles
  • Current Date and Time Formats

Accurate & detailed forecast (up to 120 hours & 16 days) 

With Location Weather and an API key from OpenWeather, you can create accurate and detailed weather forecasts:

  • Hourly Forecast Up to 4 Days
  • 3-Hour Weather Forecast Up to 5 days (120 hrs)
  • Daily Forecast Up to 16 Days

Most importantly, it allows you to display both daily and hourly toggles in a single place with a simple daily hourly toggle.

In addition, it lets you use a custom color for the forecast background to set it apart from the current weather data section. 

Most additional weather data toggles  

Location Weather offers you 20+ additional data toggles to let you show or hide additional weather data on your weather widget. Consequently, you can design a small or large weather widget per your requirements and preferences.

additional weather data toggles of the best WordPress weather plugin

 Additional data options are:

  • Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Wind Speed
  • Precipitation
  • Clouds
  • Rain Chance
  • Snow
  • Wind Gust 
  • UV Index 
  • Dew Point 
  • Custom Overlay Color
  • Air Quality Index 
  • Visibility
  • National Weather Alerts
  • Sunrise & Sunset Time
  • Moonrise & Moonset Time
  • Moon Phase
  • View Detailed Weather 
  • Last Weather Update Time
  • Weather Attribution

Full-featured carousel for weather additional data and forecast

Location Weather offers a full-featured carousel for additional weather and forecast data to save space and interact well. Some of the key features of the carousel are:

  • Carousel AutoPlay
  • Set AutoPlay Delay Time
  • Carousel Speed Control
  • Show/Hide Navigation Icon Toggle
  • Control Weather Data Columns
  • Infinite Loop
  • Stop on Hover
  • Custom Icon Color
  • Navigation Color

Highly customizable

weather forecast customization options

As the best WordPress weather plugin, Location Weather believes in your creative power and gives you full freedom with a wide range of design and customization options. As a result, you can design your weather forecasts exactly how you want. Some of the design and customization options include:

  • 17+ Customizable Templates
  • Three additional data icon packs (fill, line, glass morphism)
  • Five forecast data icon packs
  • Animated custom icons
  • Custom overlay color
  • Customize template width
  • Weather-based image, video background
  • Solid, gradient custom color
  • Template content padding
  • Custom border, radius, box shadow, spacing
  • Advanced typography

Featured in as the best WordPress weather plugin

Location Weather’s wide range of robust features, thoughtful user experience design, intuitive interfaces, regular updates, compatibility, and one-to-one fast support made it the #1 weather forecast plugin for WordPress. 

So, Location Weather has already been featured in the world’s most prominent platforms, such as Hubspot, WP Beginner, and more. 

Location weather featured in Hubspot

Take away

Lastly, I want you to believe in yourself. I’m excited to welcome you to explore Location Weather and compare it with others to find the best WordPress weather plugin. 

Then, please let me know your experience in the comment box below.