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7+ Best WordPress Weather Forecast Plugins [Free & Paid]



Are you looking for the best WordPress weather forecast plugins to display weather forecasts effortlessly on your WordPress website with no code?

If you run a weather-impacted business or an organization concerned about weather, health, safety, environment, agriculture, climate, etc., a weather forecast is a must for your business or organization’s website.  

In this blog, I’ll share more than seven of the best WordPress weather forecast plugins. Here, you will find the best weather plugin for your specific requirements and preferences. 

Let’s dive into looking for the best weather forecast plugin for you. 

Best WordPress weather forecast plugins

PluginsReviewsRatingsActive InstallationsLink
1. Location Weather514.210,000+Detail
2. Weather Atlas Widget404.210,000+Detail
3. WP Forecast 224.28,000+Detail
4. Ventus114.93,000+Detail
5. Weather Widget 74.31,000+Detail
6. Simple Weather Detail
7. Weather Forecast  Detail

1. Location Weather

The best WordPress weather forecast plugin

Location Weather is the best WordPress weather forecast plugin. It’s powering up 12,000+ businesses and organizations with accurate and beautiful weather widgets and blocks. Location weather enables you to create real-time weather forecasts for any location (both land & marine areas) worldwide in minutes with no code. Its wide range of robust features, thoughtful user experience, responsiveness, compatibility, regular updates, ease of use, and one-to-one fast support really made it the #1 WordPress weather forecast plugin. 

Key features: 

  • Up to 120 hours and 16 days of detailed weather forecasts 
  • 17+ beautiful templates (customizable and responsive)
  • 4 layouts: horizontal, vertical, tab, and table 
  • Weather forecasts for any location worldwide (both land & marine areas)
  • 6 convenient ways to set a location
  • Real-time and detailed weather data 
  • AQI – Air Quality
  • Huge customization options to match your branding and style
  • Easy to use – No coding required!
  • Full-featured carousel (slider) for additional and forecast data 
  • Location-based preferred weather units (Auto °C & °F)  
  • Solid, gradient, image, and video backgrounds
  • Weather condition-based auto background image change
  • Responsive, multilingual, and compatible. 
  • One-to-one fast support
  • See all features 

Location Weather offers both free and premium versions.

2. Weather Atlas Widget

atlas weather

Another top-rated WordPress weather forecast plugin is the Weather Atlas Widget. It lets you create beautiful weather forecasts for your WordPress websites. It offers several stunning weather condition icons and customization options to make your weather forecast attractive. However, its recent reviews are extremely frustrating.  

Key features: 

  • Responsive weather forecasts 
  • Easy-to-customize
  • Visually appealing and meaningful weather icons
  • Current weather, hourly, and daily forecast
  • Real-time weather information
  • Suitable for content or sidebar
  • Weather for any location worldwide
  • Translation ready
  • Multiple weather forecast

3. WP Forecast 

wp forecast

Wp-forecast stands out as one of the weather forecast plugins designed for WordPress. It retrieves weather data from and/or Moreover, the plugin offers the flexibility to showcase multiple weather widgets on a single page, and you can tailor its appearance to suit your website design. 

Key features:

  • Weather widget on sidebar, page, and post, 
  • Displays data
  • Supports WordPress widgets
  • Show detail information
  • Vast customization options 
  • Supports pull-down forecast data
  • Supports multiple widgets 
  • Additional CSS 
  • API for WordPress pros

4. Ventus


Ventus is one of the best WordPress weather forecast plugins. It lets you show beautiful weather forecasts on a widget or a regular block on your website without coding knowledge. It sources weather data from In addition, this plugin is highly customizable and mobile-friendly. Moreover, it is a lightweight but powerful plugin. However, it has been a long time since it was last updated. 

Key features:

  • Detailed and real-time weather data.
  • Wide range of customizations.  
  • Up to 24-hour forecast. 
  • Define location with longitude and latitude.
  • Select the altitude from the surface up to 13.5km 
  • Eight levels of zoom (min. 3, max. 11).
  • Numerous weather data toggles
  • Weather data measurement units based on location convention
  • ECMWF, ICON, ICON-EU, GFS, and NEMS forecast models.

5. Weather Widget 

weather widget

The best weather forecast plugin list for WordPress must include the Weather Widget. It is a widely customizable and user-friendly weather plugin. This plugin allows you to display weather forecasts on your site without writing a single line of code. It retrieves weather data from and Create real-time weather forecast widgets for any location worldwide, customize them according to your requirements and customizations, and publish them with a few clicks in minutes. 

Key features: 

  • Up to 14 days of weather forecast 
  • Display weather forecasts for 200,000 cities around the world.
  • Fully responsive. 
  • User-friendly
  • Current weather data: temperature, humidity, wind, pressure, cloudiness, etc.
  • Compatible with international and local units.
  • Vast customization options 
  • Individual widget stylization
  • Translation-ready .pot file.
  • Supports WordPress multisite
  • Compatible with any theme and page builder

It’s free

6. Simple Weather 

Simple weather

The Weather WordPress Shortcode & Widget is a premium plugin with many features. It facilitates the seamless display of detailed and precise weather forecasts on your WordPress website. Additionally, you can effortlessly generate a simple shortcode and customize it according to your specific needs. Furthermore, it’s responsive and compatible with all major browsers. 

Key features:  

  • Up to 7 days of weather forecast
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited colors
  • Custom date format
  • Multiple weather data units, including °C and °F
  • Customizable update interval
  • Option to show only day or night temperature
  • Location / GPS coordinates

This plugin is paid.

7. Weather Forecast  

Weather Forecast, one of the Best WordPress Weather forecast plugins

Weather Forecast is one of the best WordPress weather forecast widget plugins. It is user-friendly and easily adaptive to website design. It displays accurate weather information for any location worldwide. Set a location using its name, ZIP code, or coordinates. Furthermore, it allows your audience to check up-to-date temperature, air pressure, humidity percentage, and more. Moreover, you can display 12 hours forecast. It also offers themed background images and custom colors to make your weather forecast aesthetic.

Key features: 

  • 12 hours weather forecast
  • Daily weather forecast 
  • Real-time weather for any location across the globe.
  • Three options to set a location: city name, ZIP code, and coordinate. 
  • Translation ready 
  • Metric and imperial units
  • Five toggles to show/hide additional weather data
  • Beautiful icons 
  • Different backgrounds and colors

It’s paid.

Final words

The WordPress weather forecast plugins we discussed above are the best options. You can explore them individually and select the one that best meets your requirements and preferences. 

However, if you ask me to share my experience, I would say that Location Weather is the best. Its robust features, ease of use, regular updates, and one-to-one fast support really made it the best weather forecast plugin for WordPress.